I See You

To the person feeling lost today
I see you, please don’t despair
We all lose our way sometimes
It’s a human thread we all share

To the mother, exhausted and fraught
I see you, stop, take a rest
Your children are safe and loved dearly
They know you are doing your best

To the nurse who is so close to breaking
I see you, day after day
Easing the pain of others
While pushing your own needs away

To the man who lost someone dear
I see you, it’s ok to cry
Grief is just love with nowhere to go
When we have to say goodbye

To the girl who yearns to be perfect
I see you, a beauty unique
The truth is, it doesn’t exist
This perfection you desperately seek

To those who feel they are losing the fight
I see you and want you to know
Just like the breeze, your feelings will pass
Just breathe and let them all go

Do what lights you up!

Since starting blog I have been a little unsure about the direction to take it. Through my work in mental health I inevitably gained a lot of knowledge. So I decided to start with this. They say write about what you know! So my blog took the form of information sharing.

Lately this style hasn’t appealed to me as much. Writing my blog was becoming an effort and the source of anxiety. I was procrastinating and feeling frustrated. So I decided to take a step back, breathe and listen to what my anxiety was trying to tell me.

It soon became clear I was putting pressure on myself to write only to share information. Don’t get me wrong, passing on information and experience has great value. Yet, despite knowing this my writing was starting to feel inauthentic and clinical. It wasn’t giving me the satisfaction. The buzz of a completed piece was fading into the shadows.

So I have taken myself back to the place that brings me the most joy. Writing poetry. This is where I began and it feeds my soul. There is something utterly electric about crafting a poem. I become so absorbed the world ceases to exist. It feels natural. To me poetry is home.

This is the authenticity I was missing; without it my writing loses its sparkle. So my blog is now going to follow the magic. The path that feels right is the one that brings me the most joy and inspiration. The one that leaves me yearning for more.

I hope that my writing (whatever the form) will add something to the world. After all, there are many ways to convey information. It is important to me that my words resonate and offer new perspectives. I want to capture every emotion and deliver it in a way that makes people stop for a moment. To be present and feel connected. Both to each other as humans and to the wonder of our existence.

The best any of us can do is stay attached to our true selves. I believe that creativity, passion and contentment reside at the core of us all. It is there waiting to be discovered and expressed.

And just like that, I am excited about writing again. All I needed to do was stop and listen.

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